How to keep agricultural machinery parts

Precision parts such as injector couplings, discharge valve couplings and live couplings, etc., with a small gap, a slight corrosion will reduce the performance, it is scrapped. therefore. For new parts that are not used temporarily, do not open the original packaging and keep it in a dry and ventilated place. Used parts, use clean diesel to wash off coke and other dirt, assembled in pairs, placed in a container filled with clean oil level of oil in order to prevent the parts exposed from the oil surface and the air is appropriate. For new shafts or old shafts that have not been used for shaft parts, the surface finish should be coated with grease (butter) and then kept in a dry and ventilated place. Longer shafts should be placed flat or vertical, and avoid tilting so as not to cause deformation.
Springs such as torsion springs, plunger springs, and pressure regulator springs for fuel injectors, etc., should be greased and stored in plastic bags. Do not expose naked or contact with harmful substances to prevent rust and reduce performance.
Sliding bearings such as bushes, copper bushings, powder metallurgy bushings, etc., should be kept intact during storage, and should not be mixed with other miscellaneous items, tools, etc. to prevent collision deformation and corrosion.
Rolling bearings should not be used temporarily not open, should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Used bearings should be cleaned of grease, greased, packed in plastic bags or sealed with kraft paper.
Rubber products such as oil seals, waterproof collars, rubber linings, and tires, even if it is oil-resistant rubber products, should also be protected from oil contamination. At the same time should avoid exposure, baking, freezing or soaking.
Plastic parts are most vulnerable to heat, cold or fire. Therefore, in the custody should pay attention to away from the fire, do not expose to the sun or frozen, and do not mix with metal parts or run into acid-base substances, so as to prevent aging damage.

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