Fertilization techniques for major crops

Fertilizer is one of the most important sources of crop nutrients. The timely and appropriate supply of fertilizer to crops directly affects the growth and development of crops. Due to the difference in fertilizer supply, the same crops grow in the same area and there are also differences in growth and development. Therefore, the scientific application of fertilizers is an important condition for ensuring good crop growth and development. The core problem of fertilization technology is rational fertilization, scientific matching of various fertilizers, accurate fertilization period, moderate fertilization, and currently advocates balanced fertilization techniques, ie, a reasonable application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to meet the growth needs of crops, and crops Formula fertilizer and compound fertilizer are the physical and chemical products of balanced fertilization technology. According to the results of recent trials conducted by the county's soil and fertilizer station in recent years, the following three types of fertilizers are mainly introduced: 1. "Singyue and Moon" organic-inorganic compound fertilizer "Xingyue Brand" The organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is produced by Yuxi Lubei Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. (site: Nanchang Section of 213 National Road, Yanhe Town, Hongta District, Yuxi City). The scientifically optimized formula was developed based on the crop's demand-fertilization laws and developed. A new long-acting compound fertilizer containing N15, P4 and K4. The main crops are fertilized as follows: 1. Rice: The application amount of mu is 50-100 kg, of which the base fertilizer is applied by 80% and the panicle fertilizer is applied by 20%. Disposal of basal fertilizer is performed once during the whole field. 2. Maize: The application amount of mu is 120-150 kg, which is used as a one-time application for the whole layer of basal fertilizer. 3, vegetables: Mu application of 80-100 kg, of which Miaofei Shi 60%, top dressing applied 40%, 15cm away from the root of the seedlings after the cover soil. 4. Wheat: The application amount of mu is 40-60 kg. The base fertilizer is applied in the whole layer. After fertilizing the whole surface of the seedling, the seed is sowed, or it can be applied within 15 cm of the seeds within the sowing distance. 5, rape: Mu 40-60 kg, for basal or shoot fertilizer application. After the whole surface of the seedlings was sprayed and sowed, or the seedlings were applied 15CM from the root. 6, sugar cane: Mu application of 80-130 kg. New sugarcane planting: 50% of tilled fertilizer and 50% of strong stalked cane; ratoon cane: 60% of tilled fertilizer and 40% of strong stalk. 15cm from the cane seedlings was applied to cover the soil. 7, fruit trees: 0.2-2 kilograms per plant, as the base fertilizer application, deep ditch along the canopy radius. II. “Yue Le Sifu” Refined Organic Fertilizer Refined organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer produced by Yuyuan Organic Fertilizer Plant in Tonghai, Yunnan Province. The main components are organic matter ≥ 48%, NPK content ≥ 3%, and humic acid, Yeast, filamentous bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus bacteria, potassium bacteria and other beneficial microbial agents. After the application of refined organic fertilizer can increase the soil organic matter and microbial population, can improve the soil, fertility and fertilization, improve fertilizer use efficiency, have a significant effect of cost-saving efficiency, improve the quality of agricultural products, is the full use of agricultural waste to prevent agricultural non-point source pollution The economic ideal fertilizer for the production of pollution-free agricultural products. The refined organic fertilizer is suitable for use as a base fertilizer, which is generally 1,000 kg for the Mushi; 240-280 kg for the Mushi with inorganic fertilizers. Use furrow or full-layer application. The fertilizer should be 15cm away from the root or seed of the plant. After fertilizing, the soil should be covered with water and should not be mixed with fungicides. Each tree of fruit trees should be applied 2-3kg and deep furrows along the radius of the tree canopy. Refined organic fertilizer should be based on the amount of fertilizer required for different crops, a reasonable amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other inorganic fertilizers applied better.

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