Gene Chip Technology Used for Screening of Fine Cotton Varieties

Gene chips, also known as DNA chips, DNA microarrays, and oligonucleotide arrays, refer to the use of in situ synthesis (in situ synthesis) or microprinting. The DNA probe is immobilized on the surface of the support to generate a two-dimensional DNA probe array, which is then hybridized with the labeled sample, and the hybridization signal is detected to achieve rapid, parallel, and highly efficient detection or medical diagnosis of the biological sample. The silicon chip serves as a solid phase support, and a computer chip preparation technique is used in the preparation process, so it is called a gene chip technology. With its unparalleled information volume, high throughput, and ability to analyze genes quickly and accurately, the gene chip has shown tremendous power in gene function research, clinical diagnosis, and new drug development, and it has become a major safeguard for human life. The weapon is praised as one of the greatest inventions in the field of gene function research. Scientists at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station are now conducting a research project with a US$5.7 million funding from the National Science Foundation. Scientists at the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station are conducting a research program with 5.7 million funds provided by the National Science Foundation. This research work is related to DNA micro arrays or gene chips, using a 13-inch slide to directly detect DNA. Such a chip can contain all the genes of the animal or plant chromosome, about 30,000 genes. DNA microarrays have been widely used to study changes in gene expression. With the help of computational and statistical tools, these changes will increase the understanding of the regulation of plant growth and production characteristics, and this technique can actually be applied to high-yielding tools for screening genes. The research plan is to study the physiological and genetic effects of cotton. The research team will develop a screen.

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