Causes and Preventive Measures of Apricot Fruit in Shed Room

1 Causes of rotten fruit (1) Insufficient light in the shed. The first is the effect of cloudy or rainy, snowy weather; followed by dust on the surface of the greenhouse film, resulting in insufficient light in the greenhouse, humidity is too high, young fruit grows in the dark air for a long time, it is easy to cause rotten fruit. (2) The temperature of the greenhouse is too high, and the dripping down of the greenhouse film is coupled with poor ventilation conditions. In the young fruit period, if the temperature in the greenhouse exceeds 28°C, the shed film droplets will directly drop on the surface of the young fruit, causing rotten fruit. (3) Pharmacy protection is not timely. Due to people's misunderstanding: Apricot trees are cultivated under greenhouse conditions. There are no pathogens such as wind and rain, insects, etc., and they do not cause disease. Therefore, no need to spray or spray bactericide, resulting in breeding of apricot scar cultivars, leading to rotten fruit. (4) There are attachments on the surface of young fruit. Due to the poor ventilation conditions in the greenhouse and the high humidity, many petals are not withered after apricot flowers are applied, and they directly adhere to the surface of young fruit. As the young fruit grows and develops, these petals are exposed to moisture and the parts that come into contact with the petals are in a state of mildew for a long time, causing the fruit to rot. (5) Gold sun apricot and other varieties have strong self-bred strength and are easy to form squid stalks. With the growth and development of young fruit, an increase in fruit size will result in crowding between fruit and fruit. When the temperature and humidity are appropriate, the bacterium will invade. Dyed, causing rotten fruit. 2 Preventive measures (1) Improve lighting conditions and adjust temperature and humidity control. With high-quality non-drip film, if used old film, the dust on the surface of the film should be removed in time to increase its transparency. In cloudy and rainy days, it is best to install fluorescent lamps in the shed to supplement the light and increase the temperature of the shed. Use a light-transmitting spindle type as much as possible on the tree type. When it is sunny, pay attention to timely ventilation and keep the temperature of the greenhouse below 28°C, and the relative humidity is about 60%. (2) Spray the medicine in time. According to the different phenological period of the apricot tree spray protection. Before germination, spray 5 lime sulfur mixture; after Xie Hua, spray 70% thiophanate-methyl 1000 times; fruit enlargement period, spray 80% carbendazim 600-800 times liquid; shoot fast-growing period, spray 65% ​​Daisen Manganese zinc 1000 times. (3) Remove surface attachments in time to keep the fruit surface clean. After the apricot has been fetched, remove the undecided petals in time and remove the leaves covering the apricot fruit so as to prevent the fruit from adhering to the fruit. (4) timely removal of the disease, centralized treatment. (5) Thinning and thinning fruit, reasonable load. For the strong-strength varieties, flowering and fruiting for a long time, should be sparsely flowering fruit, generally not in contact with the fruit when the maturity is appropriate.

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