Dried salt sea cucumber processing method

The commodity sea cucumbers are all salt and dry products. The processing methods are as follows: 1 Remove the dirty: The collected fresh ginseng is cut with a knife at the back side of its tail. The length is about 1/3 of the body length. The viscera is removed and the edge is to be cut. Never cut a knife from its ventral surface so as not to affect its quality and appearance. 2 boiled ginseng: Wash the dirty sea cucumber into boiling water pot (sea, fresh water can be) boiled for about 30 minutes until the body tight, hard to remove. When cooking, diligently roll over and skim floating foam to prevent sea cucumber from sticking to the bottom of the pan. 3 Pickled: After cooking the sea cucumbers, make them into the porcelain jar with salt and mix well. The mouth of the jars is sealed with a thick layer of salt and pickled for about 15 days. During the pickling process, it should be checked every few days. If the sea cucumber is found to have a fever and the soup color is red, it should be immediately salted or boiled back; if normal, the salt is still capped after the inspection. 4 Roasted ginseng; Add the raw salt of the marinated ginseng to the pot by adding 15% salt, boil it for 30 to 50 minutes, and turn it at any time. When the ginseng is removed, the surface is immediately dried, and there is salt crystallization. , you can pan. It was found that the blisters of the sample should be immediately punctured. 5 Mixing ash: Add hot ash to the roasted ginseng, in order to make the sea cucumber color black and dry quickly, it is best to use ash from charcoal and pine wood charcoal. The plant ash can also be used, but the mixed body color is lighter and dries slowly, and the bubbles on the body are punctured. If there is a lot of foaming sea cucumbers, you can cover the grass with a wooden board or pedal until you remove the blisters. 6 Dried in the sun: Mix the ginseng and dry it, and then reclaim it from the library every 2 to 3 days. Repeat 3 to 4 times until it is fully dried. During the entire process, care must be taken not to contaminate the sea cucumber with oil, rust, spices, hair, etc., so as not to affect the quality of the sea cucumber. Processing yield: about every 100 kilograms of fresh ginseng processing dry ginseng 6 ~ 6.5 kg. Dry specifications quality: First grade goods within 70 heads per kilogram; Second grade goods in 71 to 100 heads per kilogram; Third grade goods 101 to 130 heads per kilogram; 130 heads or more are external products, also known as seed ginseng. Good quality sea cucumbers are black in color, hard-bodied, well-distributed, well-shaped, non-lime mouth, and hard-tipped.

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