Yellow black plastic film covering cultivation technology

The cultivation of glutinous yellow is to make the radicle roots under the suitable temperature, humidity and dark conditions, rely on their own storage of nutrients to grow, in the absence of chlorophyll, to produce a fat and delicious, excellent flavor, light yellow color, cellulose pole Little, soft texture of the leek plant is amaranth yellow. A new type of Dendrobium, a special new type of yellow peony, is planted every year from late March to early June in the solar calendar, and from the September to October in the late autumn. Seed amount per acre 1.5 ~ 2kg. Covering the cultivated leeks with a black plastic film can satisfy the conditions of softening, no-light, heat preservation, and moisturizing, so that the leaves cannot form chlorophyll and produce amaranth yellow. Its cultivation techniques: First, the roots of the culture are generally selected 2 years of strong and healthy roots, open field only harvest 1 to 2 knife barley, so that more roots accumulated nutrients, help to increase the production of barnyard yellow. Before recoating, it is necessary to reprocess the decomposed human excreta once and add a small amount of urea as a base fertilizer to fertilize the roots. Second, buckle shed method and cover before the management of plastic film arch cover generally 15 to 20m in length from east to west, width 1.5m is appropriate, with 10 fine steel as a bracket, each cut 2.4m long, in the upper bend Into a round arch, both ends into the ground about 20cm, one every 50cm, vault 50cm away from the surface, the frame covered with black plastic film tight and fixed. The sun visor is inserted at both ends so that the air is blocked. In addition, to adjust the temperature to prepare grasshoppers; length and width of grasshoppers to 2.51m is appropriate. Before removing the cover film, remove the dead leaves and weeds from the clams. Scoop the green parts on the ground with a spade shovel. After the wounds heal, pour the water once and cover it again after 2 to 3 days. Third, after the management of the black film has a strong light absorption, rapid temperature increase, high temperature characteristics. Therefore, cover in winter and spring and pay attention to cooling and ventilation. In order to prevent high temperature and high humidity and avoid rot of the leaves, it should also be on the both sides of the shed near the ground, every 3m to manage a tile, strengthen ventilation. The growth of the first yellow plant is in the cold season in winter, and the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are relatively low. The grass canopies can be covered in the roof, and the cover can be uncovered early to increase the temperature of the greenhouse and facilitate the growth of the yellow crop. After the second day, the temperature gradually increased, and the temperature in the shed increased. The density of the drums on both sides should be increased. One was added in the middle of the original lining to extend the time for air release at both ends. When sunlight is strong at noon during the daytime, it can be covered with grasshoppers to cool down, so that the temperature in the shed is maintained at about 20°C and humidity of 60% to 70% in order to meet the need for strong and vigorous growth of yellow peony.

Multifunctional Massage Chair programmed traditional classic shiatsu massage functions to imitate the human hands sense, technique conceived by our outstanding R&D team, supplementary physiology physic demand. and also have zero-gravity function. It has many massage types: knocking, kneading, flapping, and Shiatsu, synchronous Kneading & Knocking function; vibrating function; air pressure massage function; music therapy function; thermal therapy function.
1. Adopt plural liquid screen, with clear and intuitionistic seeing.
2. Adopt metallic massage mechanism and Japanese technology. Sound-enclosure design.
3. Massage rollers made of environmental silica gel, providing comfortable massage.
4. The width of massage rollers designed wider than the width of other chairs. The widest massage width as 20cm, and the narrowest massage width as 2cm. The adjustable massage width make massage more comfortable and more effective.
5. Adopt high-powered intergrate circuit and humanized massage hand. The massage hand detect human body automatically.
6. Legrest with multi-airbag, multi-massage point, with wavy massage feel.
7. Luxurious design fashionable and novel. Multi-level arm massage design bring comfortable massage.
8. Two electronic pole with sound-enclosure design bring you close massage service.
9. SD card or Flash disk can be connected to the chair. Synchronized music massage let you enjoy rhythmed massage.
10. The chair can be adjusted at the degree of 115-170.
11. Legrest extension design can meet demand of users with different height. The longest extension is 25cm. Legrest auto extension design.
12. Environment PU material, ventilate and comfortable.

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