Persimmon pruning should pay attention to what issues

1. Sapling shaping. Persimmon tree has a sparse tree shape, natural round shape, and natural open heart shape. The shape of the tree depends on the characteristics of the species and site conditions.

2. The initial result tree is trimmed. During this period, the tree was basically formed, the crown opened year after year, and the output increased continuously. The pruning should be based mainly on sparse cutting and sparse cutting.

3. Fruit tree pruning. During this period, the canopy formed tall and closed, strong and weak, and the indica began to become bald. Pruning should be carried out properly on the premise of guaranteeing yield, and the main branch of the debilitating and sagging should be retracted to cultivate the internal litchi. Rejuvenate the result of the branch to prevent the outward movement of the result.

4. Trim period. It should be done before sprouting in the spring.

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