Sheep Hydrocyanic Acid Poisoning Prevention

Sheep hydrocyanic acid poisoning is a poisoning disease caused by feeding or feeding plants containing cyanogenic glycosides.

Experts solve the disease. (1) cause: often due to excessive intake of sheep flax flax seedlings, sorghum seedlings, corn seedlings and other sudden attacks; feeding machine pressed flax cake, due to a large number of cyanogenic glycosides, but also prone to poisoning; the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, when the almond, When the amount of peach kernel is too large, it can also cause illness.

(2) Symptoms: In the initial stage of the disease, the diseased sheep coughed, and the body temperature increased, showing a fever pattern of up to 40°C; the superficial breathing, increase in number, and mixed dyspnea. The percussion chest had a focally dulled area; the auscultation lung area had a convulsive sound. Intermittent fever was present and the body temperature rose to 41.5°C; coughing and difficulty breathing.

(3) necropsy: necropsy showed incomplete rigor mortis, blood was bright red, poor coagulation, oral color foam, laryngeal, tracheal and bronchial mucosa with bleeding, trachea and bronchial with a lot of foamy liquid. Pulmonary congestion, hemorrhage, and edema, a bit like bleeding inside the heart, adventitia. Gastrointestinal mucosal congestion and bleeding, gas filled stomach, there is a bitter almond flavor.

(4) Diagnosis: Diagnosis can be made based on eating conditions and clinical symptoms. The more food poisoning you eat, the faster you die. The final diagnosis must be toxic.

Expert treatment. 1 Prevention: a. Forbidding grazing in places containing cyanogenic crops. b. When using sorghum seedlings such as sorghum seedlings, corn seedlings, flax seedlings, etc. as feed, they should be fed after water immersion or fermentation. They should be fed less and frequently, and should not be given too much at one time.

2 Treatment: Immediately after onset, 0.1-0.2 g of sodium nitrite should be applied, and a 5% solution should be formulated for intravenous injection; then, 2-3% sodium thiosulfate solution should be injected in 20-60 ml.

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