Fruit and vegetable corruption is fast and how to keep fresh is the key

Most of the edible agricultural products are fresh foods. If they are left for a long time, they will produce odor and peroxide, and even have carcinogenic effects. If the food is not preserved in the refrigerator, it will be spoiled and spoiled, but the speed will slow down. Therefore, in order to prevent the invasion of microorganisms, food must be preserved. The antisepsis and preservation of agricultural products is a process of prolonging the life of the commodity and controlling the decay rate through different techniques such as sterilization, sterilization, antibacterial and antibacterial.

The higher the commodity rate, the wider the application of antisepsis and preservation technology. For example, if the vegetable is harvested, it is still a living organism, although it leaves the plant or soil. The most important feature is that it still carries vigorous respiratory metabolism to maintain its The energy required for life activities and the substances required for various metabolisms. Fruit and vegetable storage and preservation is to maintain the "young" state of fruits and vegetables and to delay the maturity and aging by controlling the storage environment conditions and using various auxiliary preservation measures.

Generalized preservatives include bacteriostatic agents, phytohormones, and various chemicals (such as increased hardness, protective luster). China's food additive safety standard GB2760 regulations, the fruit and vegetable preservatives that can be used are chlorine dioxide, ethoxyquin, sec-butyl, cinnamaldehyde, thiabendazole, naphthol, diphenyl ether, diphenylphenol sodium salt , 4-phenylphenol, pentacarbon acetal (glutaraldehyde), dodecyldimethylammonium bromide (nembam), 2,4-diaminophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), and the like. Another part of fruit and vegetable preservatives belongs to the scope of pesticide management and is not included in food additives.

The key issues of postharvest preservation of fruits and vegetables are as follows: First, try to inhibit their respiration and reduce the loss of internal nutrients; second, inhibit the growth of pathogens and prevent decay; third, control their transpiration and reduce water loss. Keep it fresh. The most effective way to suppress breathing is low temperature, air conditioning (increased carbon dioxide concentration, reducing oxygen), inhibition of germs is the use of bacteriostatic agents, the method of controlling transpiration is generally to maintain a certain humidity.

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