Live cotton seeding tips

The sowing technique of cotton should be carried out around the goal of seedlings, seedlings and seedlings. According to the actual cotton production in our province, the sowing technique of the live cotton field is introduced as follows:
Preparation before sowing: The seeds of cotton are relatively large and the seed shells are thick. When cotton seeds germinate, their requirements for temperature, moisture, air and other conditions are relatively strict. Generally, they must absorb water equivalent to 60-80% of the seed itself to germinate. Seeds in the soil lack of water absorption, can not germinate; too much water will be rotten, rotten buds. The emergence of cotton seed requires soil moisture in the 10-20 cm soil layer to be 70-80% of the field water holding capacity. The looseness and tightness of the surface soil at the time of sowing are not good for emergence. If it is too loose, the soil moisture will be easily distributed, and the seeds will not germinate easily. If the seeds are too tight, the young roots will be difficult to lower. The soil is moderately elastic and has good air permeability, which is conducive to germination, emergence and extension of young roots.
The following preparatory work must be done before sowing: (1) Leveling the cotton fields to create good soil conditions for the germination and emergence of the cotton seeds. Due to the generally rainy weather during the planting period in our province, we must focus on clearing up and reserve cotton before sowing, weeding and weeding, and dredging trenches to facilitate drainage. (2) Seed treatment. As the cotton seeds absorb more water when they germinate, and the seedlings are vulnerable to germs, seed treatment must be done. Choose mature cotton plants with germination rate above 85% for seed use. Before sowing, first select seeds, remove weak seeds and insects, and select sunny days for 1-2 days. Before sowing, use carbendazim and other agents for seed dressing to prevent transmission of pathogens from the soil. Conditional sulphuric acid can be used for degreasing.
Determine the sowing date: The appropriate time for sowing depends on the temperature, soil temperature, lyrics, the final frost period, the sowing method, and the cotton variety characteristics. Temperature is the primary condition for determining the sowing date. In general, when the average daily temperature is 10-12°C, the cotton can germinate, germinate above 12°C, and emerge above 14°C. The determination of the sowing date is mainly based on the criterion that the 5 cm ground temperature is stable above 14°C or the air temperature is stable above 16°C. Usually in mid-April, the cold tail warmer heads to sow the crop. Early sowing and low ground temperature are likely to cause rotten seeds and rotting buds; sowing late, delaying the growth period will cause late maturation and reduce the internal quality of the fiber.
Seeding techniques: sowing quality requirements sowing straight line spacing consistent; even uniform, no missing broadcast, replay; appropriate shade, cover soil tight and compact. (1) The seeding rate depends on the seed quality and the density of seedlings. Generally, the number of seeds sown is about 5 times the number of seedlings left, the seeding requirement is 30-40 seeds per metre, and about 4 kg of cottonseeds are selected per acre. On-demand according to density, about 5 capsules per hole. (2) The seedling emergence is closely related to the seeding depth. The two cotyledons of cotton are hypertrophic and have greater resistance to emergence and should not be planted too deeply. Therefore, the sowing depth is generally about 2 cm, and the hilly arid area does not exceed 5 cm.
Management after sowing: The cotton seedlings are soiled with soil after unearthing, and they must pay attention to cultivating loose soil. To find rotting seeds and rotting buds, it is necessary to replant and transplant seedlings in time. After Qimiao, if cold weather comes, it is necessary to spray Bordeaux mixture, carbendazim and other agents in advance to prevent the occurrence of cotton seedlings.

X Ray Machine

The system matches with metal ceramic X-ray tube and high frequency solid insulate industrial X-ray HT generator, it applies forced cooling system to make sure X-ray machine can normally continuous work for 24 hours. The dimension of this kind of small focus X-ray tube is half of traditional focus tube, geometry unintelligibility is an important factor which affects image quality, if focus bigger, correspondingly, geometry unintelligibility is deeper, and also makes image edge much more blur; if focus smaller, geometry unintelligibility is lighter, it can improves image quality at same time, also focus is smaller can inspect smaller failure which is favor to improve X-ray RTR inspection stability.

The controlling part of system is researched and manufactured by ourselves, the intelligent main control PLC works matches with touch screen, beautiful and complete functional stainless steel panel that can display and adjust parameters much more convenient. When high voltage of system opens, there will be red light alarming signal outside of protect door, here installs interlock devices between lead door and system, in the case of opening lead door, system will stop radiation at once to assure safety of operators.

Units For X Ray RTR System

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