alert! Vegetables can also kill people

These common vegetables are very close to us. Do you know the right way to eat them? If you do not eat right, it will put quotes on our health.

Mushrooms washed too clean or soaked in water

Lentinula contains ergosterol, which converts to vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However, if excessive cleaning or water soaking before eating, it will lose a lot of nutrients. Do not use a wok or copper pan when cooking mushrooms to avoid loss of nutrition.

Excessive consumption of carotene

Although carotene is very nutritious to humans, but also pay attention to moderate consumption. Excessive drinking of vegetable juices made from carrots or tomatoes may cause carotidemia and make the face and hands become orange-yellow, causing loss of appetite, unstable mental state, restlessness, and even poor sleep. Also accompanied by night terrors, crying, talking and other performances.

Be vigilant against carotenoids and cause cancer

The traditional concept is that carotenoid supplementation can not only reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and cataracts, but also have anti-cancer effects. However, many test results in recent years have found that compared with the normal control group, the incidence of lung cancer in the group taking β-carotene is not reduced, but is higher by 28%.

Nutritionist analysis: Carotene supplemented with physiological dose (5 mg/day) does inhibit cancer, and intake of excess carotene will prevent vitamin A from binding to the corresponding receptors, thus preventing the transformation of tumor suppressor genes. It is not cancer suppression but it is the opposite.

For this reason, the human body only needs to supplement physiological doses of carotene, and must not arbitrarily increase the dose of abuse, usually only need to eat natural foods rich in β-carotene, such as various animal liver, milk, carrots, leeks, tea, etc. can.

We eat bitter gourd which we did not use boiling water

Oxalic acid in bitter gourds can prevent the absorption of calcium in foods. Therefore, before eating, bitter gourd should be boiled in boiling water, remove oxalic acid, people who need to add a lot of calcium can not eat too much bitter gourd.

Eat tomatoes often before meals

Tomatoes should be eaten after dinner. In this way, gastric acid and food can be mixed to greatly reduce the acidity, to avoid stomach pressure caused by increased stomach pressure, so that the baby produces abdominal pain, stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

Carrot and radish mixed into a paste of mud

Do not grind carrots and radishes into paste. Because carrots contain enzymes that destroy vitamin C, they completely destroy vitamin C in radish.

Too much spinach

Spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid, should not eat too much. Oxalic acid forms calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate in the human body with calcium and zinc. It is not easily absorbed and excreted. It affects the absorption of calcium and zinc in the intestine. It can easily cause calcium deficiency and zinc deficiency, resulting in poor development of bones and teeth and affecting intelligence. development.

Eat unfried bean sprouts

The bean sprouts are tender and delicious and nutritious, but they must be fried when eating. Otherwise, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and other unpleasant reactions occur after eating.

Long-term storage of leeks

Leeks turn poisonous overnight. Leek is best to eat now, can not be put for a long time. If it is stored too long, a large amount of nitrate will be converted into nitrite, causing toxic reactions. In addition, indigestion can not eat chives.

Cook green leafy vegetables for a long time

Green leafy vegetables should not be cooked for a long time during cooking. Otherwise, nitrates in green leafy vegetables will be converted to nitrite, which can easily poison your baby's food.

Fast-frozen vegetables have mostly been licked, do not have to cook for too long, otherwise they will rot and lose a lot of nutrition.

Cold vegetables are easy to poison

In hot summer, salad dishes are the preferred dining table for many housewives. However, summertime diseases and insect pests are active, and vegetable farmers relatively apply pesticides. Cold dishes are not boiled under high temperature. If the pesticide residue exceeds the standard, the human body will have greater harm. Therefore, it is best to choose green vegetables or organic vegetables that have no pollution as a result of eating cold vegetables and raw vegetables.

Garlic shoot cucumber, cold green bean sprouts, edible fungus lettuce, hot and sour radish ... In the hot summer, when people become lazy and no appetite, a plate of attractive, refreshing and appetizing cold dishes, can make people appetite Great increase.

Cold salad is a high-risk food that causes food poisoning, especially for vegetables with excessive pesticide residues. Cold, raw and mixed foods are also at high risk. Because the vegetables are easily contaminated by bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs in the soil during the growth process; in summer, relative pests and diseases are active, and the probability of excessive pesticide residues in vegetables is also greater.

How to avoid these risks? First of all, it is best to choose unpolluted green vegetables or organic vegetables for raw food, and vegetables produced under soilless conditions can be eaten raw. Under unconditional circumstances, we should choose some regular bazaars with pesticide residue testing. Do not buy vegetables of unknown origin from the road guerrillas. Do not buy vegetables with scent and pungent odor. Secondly, before cooking, we must first rinse the vegetable surface with water and then soak it in fresh water. The soaking time should not be less than 10 minutes. It can also be soaked in alkaline or warm water.

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