Methods to increase female pregnancy rate

Reasonable match. To prevent premature mating, females typically reach 7 months of age and weigh approximately 2.5 kg. Male rabbits reach 9 months of age, and when they weigh around 3 kg, they breed better. In order to avoid the degradation of breeds, close relatives should be prevented from mating, and no ancestry should be established within at least 3 generations. Breeding with male rabbits in the prime of the year is the best for rabbit breeding; the breeding frequency for special breeding male rabbits is preferably once every 2 days and 1 male rabbit. Can be equipped with 8 to 10 female rabbits; or according to the physique of 3 to 5 times a week, a week to rest at least 1 day. In addition, the male and female rabbits should have a useful life of no more than 3 years. With the rabbit compound. After the first breeding, the female rabbits are separated by a period of time not exceeding 5 hours, and then they are mated with the same male rabbit for one time. The mating method is used to ovulate female rabbits for 8 to 12 hours. Anastomosis will increase the conception rate and increase the number of litters. This mating method is used for rabbit production. Different rabbit reassortment. Use two male rabbits of different ancestry to be separated by 5 to 10 minutes (in which the interval time does not exceed 30 minutes). After mating one female rabbit one at a time (reproduction of purebred rabbits cannot use this method), the pregnancy rate can be improved. Fado is used for commercial rabbit production.

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