LGR Laser Analyzer References

LGR is the world leader in laser trace gas and stable isotope analysis techniques. With the improvement of OA-ICOS technology, it has brought greater convenience to researchers and provided measurement possibilities in areas that were difficult to measure in the past.
Because the instrument has excellent performance and stable data, it is more and more recognized by users. At present, more than 400 analyzers in the world are better for human beings. The instrument is widely used in carbon water flux measurement, measurement of atmospheric trace gas changes, hydrological isotope studies, CO 2 /H 2 O stable isotope profile measurement and soil CH 4 flux. In recent years, a large number of documents have been published in international authoritative publications such as Nature and Science. At the same time, many researchers have tested the performance of LGR laser analyzers. The results show that the analyzer has high precision and good stability. The world's most advanced laser analyzer. Some of the bibliographic catalogues are now listed for your reference.
Los Gatos References:

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