Guinea fowl feed preparation instructions

1.0 ~ 4 weeks old formula formula feed in soybean protein is higher, you can add corn flour 9.58%, remove soybean meal, adjust the corn to 42.67%, wheat bran to 10.65%.

Or add 5% of peanut cake and 5% of sorghum, adjust 7.92% of soybean meal, 42.31% of corn, and 2.68% of wheat bran.

Or reduce 10% of soy flour, add 7.41% of peanut cake and 2.3% of animal fat, adjust corn to 45.18%, wheat bran to 4.7%.

In order to reduce the amount of corn, 20% can be added to broken rice, adjusted to 26.67% for corn, 11.92% for soybean meal, and 4.23% for wheat bran.

In order to reduce 4% of imported fishmeal, 5.16% of meat and bone meal can be added, 48.28% of corn can be adjusted, 1.19% can be purchased as a sub-powder, and 0.12% can be used as bone meal.

2.4 to 8 weeks old formula to reduce the amount of corn, can be added 5% sorghum and wheat flour 10%, adjusted to 43.17% for corn, soybean meal is 6.65%, wheat bran was 9.64%.

Or add 5% sorghum and 30% broken rice, adjust the corn to 19.97%, soybean meal 5.85%, wheat bran 9.34%.

If the reduction of soybean meal is 10%, 7.19% of corn gluten meal can be added, 59.29% of corn can be adjusted, and 6.49% of soybean flour can be added. Or add appropriate amount of peanut cake, alfalfa meal, etc.

3.8 to 12 weeks old formula to reduce corn consumption, can be added to sorghum 10% and barley 10%, adjusted to 41.3% for corn, soybean meal is 8.74%, wheat bran is 7.73%.

In order to reduce the amount of soy protein feed, 4% of cotton kernel cake and 5% of rapeseed cake can be added at the same time. The adjustment of soybean meal is 1.94% corn, 56.15%, and wheat bran is 10.68%.

In order to reduce the amount of wheat bran, weeds can be added in 5%, wheat bran is adjusted to 5.88%, corn is 57.8%, and soybean meal is 9.09%.

If 5% of eucalyptus leaf flour is added, 6.23% of wheat bran is adjusted, 57.65% of corn, and 8.89% of soybean bran.

If the amount of corn, soybean and wheat bran is reduced at the same time, sorghum 10%, barley 10%, cotton kernel cake 4% and rapeseed cake 5% can be added at the same time, the adjusted corn is 41.85%, the soybean pod 1.84%, and the wheat bran 5.08. %.

Or add 10% of sorghum, 30% of broken rice, 5% of peanut cake and 5% of alfalfa meal, adjust 17.3% of corn, 1.76% of soybean meal, and 8.68% of wheat bran.

4.12-14 weeks old formula to reduce the amount of corn and wheat bran, can add 10% sorghum, 10% barley and 10% beer tank, adjust the corn for the 46.81%, 4.96% soy flour, wheat bran 9.21%, and remove Soybean pods.

Or add 10% of wheat flour, 10% of rice, 5% of alfalfa meal, adjust the corn as 51.65%, wheat bran as 5.16%, soybean meal as 3.83%.

5. In the breeding period formula, if sorghum is added at 5%, the adjustment of corn is 58.55%, soybean meal is 3.83%, and wheat bran is 10.56%.

If you add 10% wheat flour, the adjustment of corn is 54.6%, soybean meal is 2.33%, wheat bran is 11.01%.

If 4% of the alfalfa meal is added, then the adjusted corn is 64.36%, the soybean meal is 3.83%, and the wheat bran is 5.57%.

Or at the same time, add 5% high amount, 10% wheat flour, 4% alfalfa meal, 52.31% for adjusting corn, 2.73% for soybean meal, and 3.9% for wheat bran.

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