Golden Baby 蚯蚓 feed starter (for raising quail to use high-quality protein feed)

Golden Baby 蚯蚓 feed starter (for raising quail to use high-quality protein feed)
In recent years, the livestock, poultry and aquaculture industries in the world have developed rapidly. The demand for animal proteins is also increasing. There are many countries that are currently embarking on breeding clams and are conducting research on opening up new sources of protein feeds. Some countries have done a lot of work in this area and have made rapid progress.
蚯蚓 contains a lot of protein, protein content in dry matter can be as high as about 70%, the general analysis results can also be obtained 41.62-66% of crude protein. According to reports, there are many amino acids in the protein of quail, which are essential for the growth and development of livestock, poultry and fish. The highest content is leucine, followed by arginine and lysine. The content of arginine in pupa protein is 2 times that of peanut protein and 3 times that of fish protein. The content of tryptophan is 4 times that of animal blood meal protein and 7 times that of bovine liver.
Not only does the body of the cockroach contain a lot of protein, it also contains a certain amount of protein in its fecal pellet. The Japanese Food Analysis Center once analyzed the cockroach feces, and when the water content is only about 11%, The total nitrogen content was about 3.6%, which was 22.5% of crude protein. Therefore, cockroaches and cockroaches can be eaten jointly by livestock, poultry and fish. When using manure as feed, the added amount is generally 5%---20%, which will not affect the quality of the feed. It will also improve the palatability of the animals for raising pigs and fish, and it is best to be fermented when feeding. , such as gold baby feed fermentation agent, after the fermentation of the gold baby feed fermentation agent greatly improved the nutritional value. The use of maggot cultured snails, squid, squid, squid, squid, etc., the amount of 80% -100%, the fish grow well, the cost is greatly reduced; add a small amount of chemical fertilizer in the maggots, etc. such as after the Fertilizer Fertilizer Under the treatment, the pellets are high-quality compound fertilizers. Details can visit the website or consult.

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