Golden Baby Straw Feed Starter (sweet straw for Tenebrio molitor feed)

Golden Baby Straw Feed Starter (sweet straw for Tenebrio molitor feed)
The main component of straw is crude fiber, which is also rich in mineral content and contains a small amount of protein and oil. In the natural state, cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in the cell wall of the straw are intertwined with each other and are not easily digested and absorbed by the mealworm, and the mouthfeel is poor. Farmers can use straw and some livestock manure and other wastes to ferment with Triloba's special biological starter to make Tenebrio feed.
Jinbao special biological fermentation agent (also known as organic material decomposing agent, microbial fermentation agent, etc.) refers to the use of high-tech methods, special artificial cultivation, breeding, purification, rejuvenation and other processes, and the formation of a special "magical "Functions (actually, scientific analysis is not magical) of the complex microbial agents, which play a key role in the main microbial bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes and other bacteria, it is mainly used for crop stalks, Livestock and poultry excrement, slaughter of slaughterhouses in farms, organic wastes such as litter in parks and residential communities are rapidly decomposed and fermented, solving the high cost of aquaculture, turning waste into treasure, destroying damages, and recycling resources. After the starter treatment, cellulose and lignin are decomposed into oligocellulose, cellobiose, and glucose, which can be utilized by the mealworm; hemicellulose and lignin can also be hydrolyzed, and the hydrolysis product is also monosaccharide or low. The glycans, which were absorbed by the mealworms, were all involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates in the animals. The protein content of the straw diet after treatment was significantly increased, and the nutritional value was more comprehensive and more suitable for consumption by the tenebrio mealworms. Details can visit the website or consult.

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