4 points should be paid attention to the production of pregnant sows

It is very important to ensure that the sow's husbandry and management and the survival rate of the piglets are improved.

1. 10-15 days before the sow is born, gradually feed the lactation diet to prevent indigestion and piglet diarrhoea caused by sudden changes in the postpartum period. Addition and subtraction of feed If the sow has a good sensation and the breast enlargement is obvious, the amount of feed should be gradually reduced in 1 week before birth, and 1/2 of the diet should be subtracted from 1 to 2 days before delivery; and large volumes of coarse material, bad residue, etc. should be reduced. Feeding so as not to oppress the fetus or causing prenatal constipation to affect delivery.

2. When feeding was stopped, feeding was stopped and only bean cake bran soup was fed. If sows have poor lyrical condition and their breasts are dry, they should not only reduce their feed but must also feed soybean cakes and other protein prolactin feeds to prevent the sows from having milk after delivery.

3, moderate exercise. The long-distance exercise should be stopped 1 week before delivery, and the activities should be carried out in the vicinity of a pig house or a sports field to avoid a fierce catch-up or collision and cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

4, in addition to ectoparasites. If a sow is found on the sow, use a 2% solution of trichlorfon to spray it off to prevent it from being transmitted to the piglets after delivery.


Fladrafinil CRL-40 941 Bisfluroadrafinil

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Application Functions:

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What is the application of CRL-40 941?

* Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

* Used in the field of cosmetics.

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99% CAS 90212-80-9 Norootropic Fladrafinil CRL 40 941 CRL-40,941

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Fladrafinil CRL-40 941
Chemical Abstracts Society No.

White powder

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