The ability of wheat roots to maintain K+ is related to salt tolerance

        Wheat is a traditional salt-discharging plant that maintains lower Na + in mesophyll cells. The breeding of wheat against salt is focused on how Na + is absorbed and transported to the stem, and how to increase the excretion of Na + by wheat . However, current studies have found no significant correlation between the Na + content of leaves and the salt tolerance of wheat. Therefore, the Na + of the plant itself cannot be fully explained because the Na + addition increases the salt tolerance and other physiological characteristics of the plant.
        If the root maintains a stable K + may be an important feature of salt tolerance, then the wheat salt resistance strategy can be inferred based on the results of the barley study. Australian scientists used non-invasive microassay in the laboratory to determine the NaCl- induced K + flow rate for different genotypes of wheat and to compare their salt tolerance. The results showed that the K + flow rate on the surface of wheat roots was highly correlated with the response of salt treatment and plant physiological characteristics and yield, and the magnitude of K + outflow was negatively correlated with salt tolerance. The key role of K + balance in plant salt tolerance suggests that the use of NaCl- induced K + flow rate determination as a “ Marker ” for salt-tolerant physiology is beneficial to the process of wheat breeding.
        This work provides an important opportunity for wheat salt resistance research, variety screening and breeding, that is, the use of K + flow rate as a “ marker ” to evaluate the salt tolerance of wheat and accelerate the breeding process.
turn off key Word: non-invasive micro-measurement technology; K + ; salt; wheat; root
References: Cuin TA, et al . Journal of Experimental Botany, 2008, 59: 2697 - 2706.
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A root's ability to retain K+ correlates with salt tolerance in wheat

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