30% increase in grape prices is the main cause of climate anomalies

September is the fruit ripening season. In previous years, grapes, apples and bananas appeared in front of the people at the price of “close to the people”. However, this year, these fruits are "precious." Ms. Li who lives in Qianpu North District yesterday called the newspaper's news hotline 8080000. He said that on Thursday, he bought a kilo of black grapes at the gate of the district for 20 yuan/kilogram. When he bought it three days later, the black grape rose to 22 kilograms per kilogram. yuan. "Now even grapes can't afford it."

Grape purchase price is very expensive

Ms. Li’s purchase of Fu’an black grapes is a pollution-free grape planted in a greenhouse. Reporters yesterday visited various community fruit stores and found that Fuan black grapes generally sold for 20 yuan / kg - 24 yuan / kg. “This year, the purchase price of black grapes is very expensive. Sometimes, we don't want to purchase anything. In previous years, the purchase price of Fu'an black grapes was less than RMB 14 per kilogram,” said the owner of the fruit shop.

The reporter learned from the Zhongpu Fruit Wholesale Market that this year's grape price is bullish, and the prices of various types of grapes have risen by at least 30%. Fuan's local black grapes sold for 8 yuan to 10 yuan/kg last year, and this year's wholesale price reached 13 yuan to 16.8 yuan/kg. For Kyoho grape produced in Liaoning, the wholesale price rose from 6 yuan/kg last year to 8 yuan/kg this year.

Not only grapes but also fruits such as apples and bananas have risen in price. Wei Kangran, general manager of the Cross-Strait Agricultural Products Trading Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the fruit wholesale industry for 50 years. He said that this year's fruits are particularly expensive and the wholesale prices of various fruits have risen to varying degrees. Not only grapes but also apples rose by 2 to 4 yuan per kilogram.

Talking about the reason why the price of grapes doubled, Wei Kangran said: The short season and low production are the main factors.

Abnormal climate is the main reason

The reporter learned that the grapes sold in Xiamen are generally divided into two categories: The foreign grapes are mainly from Shandong, Liaoning and other places. These grapes taste sweet and sweet; local grapes come from Ningde Fuan area and are black and sweet.

“In the past, many farmers in Fu'an called me the day before to reserve a booth and sell grapes. Sometimes, even dozens of people came to sell them together. This year, the fruit growers did not make an appointment, because as soon as they came to Xiamen grapes they were robbed. "Wei Kangran said that in the past, fruit farmers sold fruit at 11 o'clock noon, and this morning at 6 o'clock, they can clear their homes.

The market is in short supply. Wei Kangran introduced that every day, the store must sell 100 hectares of grapes, 25 kilograms each, without any inventory. In previous years, grapes entered the Xiamen market and needed to be kept in a freezer. The inventory was up to 100 times a day.

“This year's climate is anomalous and there is a lot of rain. The fruit farmers in Fu’an said that many greenhouses that grow grapes are washed away by rain. Naturally planted grapes, because the rain hits the grapes, the proportion of results is greatly reduced.” Wei Kangran said.

The reporter learned from the other wholesalers of the Zhongpu Fruit Wholesale Market that after entering September, Liaoning, one of the main producing areas of the northern grape, suffered from severe weather such as cooling and heavy rains during the growing and ripening period of the grapes, and the same output had appeared. As a result, production in some production areas has decreased by more than 30% compared with 2009.

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