Mushroom white rot prevention and control method

In the early stages of mushroom damage, brown tumors developed on the surface of the cap and stipe, which gradually increased and formed a layer of white mold on the surface of the mushroom. The severely damaged mushrooms begin to grow abnormal and become an amorphous white mass. Some mushrooms have extremely thick stipe, and their caps are deformed. Finally, the mushroom shrinks and softens, and the diseased part often has brown mucus, which has bad odor.

The source of the infection was caused by the impregnation of the fungus Fusarium spp. The primary source of infection of the bacteria mainly comes from the covered soil.

Control methods:

1. Eradicate the mushroom in time. Drain the mushroom and the culture material at a depth of 10 cm and throw it out of the bed.

2. Spray protection. Spraying the surface of the soil with Bordeaux mixture (1:1:300) before the mushroom grows can reduce the incidence.

3. Strengthen ventilation and reduce the temperature and humidity inside the mushroom house.

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