Buy chemical fertilizer in autumn, please look carefully

During the autumn season, fertilizer sales and use peak season. However, in recent years, fake fertilizers have appeared on the market, causing many farmers' friends to be deceived. This not only directly causes economic losses, but also delays farming time. According to the characteristics of fake deteriorating fertilizer on the market, the author introduces several simple identification methods.

1, see the packaging. Where qualified chemical fertilizers are produced by regular manufacturers, their packaging bags are generally marked with the product name, nutrient content, net weight, and origin etc.; false degraded fertilizers have rough packaging, high breakage rates, incomplete or illegible signs, and sometimes Do not use Pinyin for Chinese characters to impersonate imported fertilizer.

2, see the price. As the saying goes: "Cheap without good goods." The price of fake fertilizers is generally lower than the price of similar high-quality fertilizers on the market.

3, see the variety. False deteriorating fertilizers are generally based on compound fertilizers (such as diammonium phosphate, etc.), urea, superphosphate, liquid fertilizers, and foliar fertilizers. When buying such chemical fertilizers, special care must be taken; and ammonium bicarbonate is false on the market. Very little goods.

4, look at the appearance. Different chemical fertilizers often have different appearance characteristics, such as ammonium bicarbonate is white, with a strong ammonia odor; urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride are all white granular crystals; superphosphate is a gray powder, there are Sour taste; Superphosphate is a greenish gray, large and uniform particles, no odor; Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is a gray powder, no odor; Potassium sulfate is a white powder crystal, no odor; Diammonium phosphate is a yellow ash or iron gray particles , Uneven particle size, volatile in a humid environment, ammonia smell. In addition, ammonium sulfate such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and ammonium chloride, and ammonium phosphate such as diammonium phosphate compound fertilizers are obviously placed on palms with a small amount of grass ash (or alkali or lime). Ammonia smell. If the fertilizer to be purchased is obviously inconsistent with its characteristics, it can be concluded that it is a fake fertilizer.

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