What does the field trial of compound fertilizer do?

The purpose of the standard field comparison test is to test the quality difference of different compound fertilizer products (comparison of different fertilizer brands), and secondly, to compare different fertilization methods, different dosages, different formulations and different periods of the same product (comparison of brands). ) To find a reasonable scientific comprehensive fertilization technology. We found in the survey that various compound fertilizer manufacturers, farmers, and even relevant government departments have done a lot of field comparison demonstrations, but we did not see much of the real standard field comparison demonstration. The standard compound fertilizer field comparison test should meet the following requirements:

1. Scientifically choose demonstration sites. The choice of demonstration sites must be representative, avoiding the land near roads or green forests, and the soil for comparison tests, soil fertility, and irrigation conditions should be equivalent.

2. Scientific management. Ensure the same field management, the same means of pest control, ensure that the same species and seedlings are used in each test area.

3. Ensure timely irrigation conditions. Fertilizer nutrients can only be absorbed by crops if they are soluble in water. Under drought conditions, the nutrients absorbed by the root system are limited, so it is difficult to reflect the true effect.

4. Make a good record of fertilization. The complete fertilization record should include the fertiliser, the specific location of the experimental plot, the fertilization time, the fertilization point, the application amount, and the crop growth performance (the best picture is available).

5. Accurate test production. The test production includes mu yield, yield difference, dry seed, and grading yield.

6. Accurately calculate income. The output is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to bring benefits through agricultural production. The same output, different quality, and different time-to-market bring great differences in the benefits. Therefore, accurate revenue accounting must be performed on the test area. And make a record.


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