How long does the fermentation bed run to supplement the litter

As we all know, the fermentation bed runs for a period of time. Due to the start of fermentation of the litter and the pig's arching, stamping, etc., the litter will consume part of it. Generally, the feeding period of a pig will be reduced by about 10 cm in 3 to 4 months. This will require the addition of a portion of litter and appropriate bacteria.

There are three ways to refill dunnage in the Cabot Dry Fermenter Bed: centralized replenishment, regular replenishment, and replenishment at any time. The centralized supplement is to fill up the used litter once after a batch of animals is slaughtered or circling; regular supplement is to supplement once every interval, such as two months or so; to add at any time: it is the condition of litter in the circle. For example, if there is concentration of excrement and urine in some areas, and the dunnage is too wet, the new dunnage will be spread to the necessary places at any time.

Dry litter can be added at any time when there is a lot of litter moisture and excrement in the growing stage of pigs. This not only can quickly reduce the proportion of water and excrement in the litter, but also can increase the fermentation efficiency of the unit area by increasing the thickness of the litter, so as to ensure a larger fermentation load in the big pig stage. With regular replenishment and refilling of litter at regular intervals, it is often necessary to have a reserve of litter materials.

The quality of the supplementary litter should be based on the requirements when it was first laid. The Jinbao dry-type fermentation bed can directly add new litter to the pens, without adding water, and without prior fermentation. If there is a lot of padding to be added, the golden bacon fermenting agent should be added in proportion. If a small amount of new padding is added, the addition of the fermenting agent will not have a great impact. The bedding of the wet fermentation bed still needs to be fermented before it is spread into the pens. For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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